Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Door 12 - To'ad - keeper of a sacred place

Heyho people of the internets,

yesterday we didn't manage to open a door. Martin is sick right now and I had to much work on my hands. But today we are back, and brought some pictures along. Without further words, enjoy them.

To'ad - a warrior of ancient times
he stands loyal to his duty
guarding the long forgotten temple
deep in the jungles 
where scarcely a soul bothers to go.
But in the name of sleeping gods
he will stand watch for countless millennia more
until they rise again from the depths 

This little fellow from Aradia miniatures was a real pleasure to paint - like most of Alan Carrasco's sculpts.

If you like him, leave a comment, aske questions and got to Putty & Paint for a vote.

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