Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Door Number 15 - The last breath

Hello monday lovers and monday haters,

nice to see that you came back for some miniature madness..... Today I want to continue showing you my finished miniatures from 2014 - and we go back to "historic". This time with a Soldier of the 57th Middlesex Regiment from JMD. A realy nice sculpt like so many of the JMD stuff, but sadly they had to close down some time ago....
With this bust I tried to stay near the box art, but not to close. A bit fluctuation in the intensity of the dye and traces of abrasion can alter the colours of the uniform quit a bit - but enough of that, I think you want so see the bust.

As always feel free to give feedback, offer criticism and - if you like - leave a vote at Putty & Paint. And if you have questions, just ask them.

Have a good start into your week,


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