Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Door number 13 - The work of a master

Hello again,

its time for another review. This time a beautiful sculpt from the one and only Raul Garcia Latorre. You might Know him for his many awesome and sometimes even breathtaking historical sculpts, especially but not only from Latorre models - a company which is sadly out of business, again, and which miniatures are hard to get nowadays. But Raul doesn't do exclusively historical miniatures, he also has done some beautiful fantasy sculpts, probably some of his best can be bought at MProyec, highly detailed resin models with a very limited batch. I, myself, have three of his MProyec works lying around - and luckily some more of his other stuff - but today I like to show you the Thorag bust.

Like all the MProyec stuff Thorag comes in a simple but safe and sturdy cardboard box filled with those foamy stuff to protect the miniature. And, again like all the other MProyec stuff, a signed print of the artwork is added - a really nice touch, especially when it comes to limited miniatures, and a trend that spread through the hobbys, thank god, I really like those little details....

As you can see Thorag is a very angry and characterful bust with nice details. 

Speaking of details, just look at this close-up of the breast-belly plat. It is just breathtaking how fine and precise those engravings are. And a bit intimidating, when you realise that you have to paint those... Again, Raul Garcia Latorre shows his awesome skills with this sculpt. Fine and sharp details, a clear concept, a certain mood and character and an outstanding understanding of volumes and behaviour of different materials and textures. The bust offers just the right amount of predefined details and room for some creative freedom while painting. Due to the extreme fine details I would recommend the bust, like most of the MProyec stuff, only to experienced painters. As a compensation to the level of detail and higher workload concerning the painting progress, the cast is nearly flawless. No mould lines, no flash or bubbles. You just can start painting right away after unboxing. That is, unless you want to replace the precasted base of the bust. This might result in a bit of sawing and sanding, but it might be worth it - at least it is what I will do.

Finally, let me say that you get a beautiful miniature for your money and I can recommend following MProyec on FB.

Stay tuned for more and come back for another door of the advents calendar tomorrow.

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