Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Door Number 10 - Senatus Populusque Romanus

Hi folks,

its me again, Lukas. Today its not review time, instead let me show you a finished work of mine. Some of you might remember the review of the Roman legionary from last years advents calendar. It took some time, but finally I managed to take some pictures (kind of good, maybe). But rest assure, it didn't take me that long to paint this little fella. Actually, I finished him right in time for the Duke of Bavaria this year and send him to the World Expo in Stresa*, too. But before I say more have a look at him for yourself.

If you like you can vote for him at Putty & Paint.

Leave some comments, stay tuned form more AND come back tomorrow for another door!

* So much can be said here, the display he was part of took Gold in Historic Master Painting - I don't know why and how, but never the less I will show you the rest of the display

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