Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Door 17 - Exhibition Impressions

Today I'd like to show you some pictures of the exhibition I was allowed to be part of this year. I built the Redmaw Canyon Display for this and it was a dream come true, to be honest.
It was held by the Museum for saxon folk art in Dresden, which is part of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the head organisation for all kinds of museums and exhibitions here in Dresden. As young artist it is an extreme honor to be shown there, even if it is not about you as artist, but about a subject you are allowed to build for.

The title is Wargames, Roles, Rules, Regiments.

The exhibition showed the evolution of wargaming through the last centuries, from the first beginnings as teaching royal lads for later action in life to larp, tabletop and soft air today. It was rather small, but lovely made and I think they managed to stuff in so much things there, one might not think it's possible.

Friggin tired after 24 hours of building and painting, but rather happy. 

Sadly many pictures got lost because some major trouble my PC and I had earlier this year, but here are the ones I got!

The miniatures were shown on a podest, recreating living rooms from 1800 to today. Of cause, who didn't start on the room floor when we were young.

Being there before anyone else is one of the rather cool benefits of being part of it!

Yes, cowboy and indian is wargaming. I really liked how they showed, that playing with that backgrounds was there for a long time, and sometimes isn't that obvious as tanks and plasma rifles!

People saying there wasn't such cruel play in our days should know these toy soldiers from worldwar one, showing war cripples and wounded to the children, telling them there are such things rather than painting a sweet world without violence....that breaks when they read their first newspaper.

Good old knights and castles...

Napoleonic wars tin soldiers, pirates and 200 year old painted backgrounds. 

Before their were even tin soldiers, the children made their own cavalry out of paper. These are original toys of the here famous painter Kügelgen.

Come on, who sees his own room in this?

The grand opening was guided by reanacters of the famous Völkerschlacht of Leipzig, who replay the battle every year and a large Larpguild from Dresden.

What a fancy building to hold a wargame exhibition.

Another benefit of taking part is the free whine at the opening.

I really liked what they made of their limited space and money. There were many games you could actually play all day long. They had consoles, PCs and really nice people explaining everything. One of my favorites was the tutorial to make your own paper cavalry from 1800.
I also liked that they didn't judge, there was an open guest book and the opinions went far. When I told my dad about warhammer I never thought of stating that the cowboy fort and my knights castle also were a kidn of wargaming. In the end there was one message: Give boys two sticks and they will beat each other, playing knight or start shouting pew pew and have a shoot out. Not because they understand the concept of war and death, but rather because it's our nature and the competing part is relevant. The living of tales and the winning (or learning of losses) is the thing that stirs children's fantasy. And often, it's not about hate and violence, but rather roleplaying.

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