Samstag, 29. September 2012

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Hello my dear readers,
illness stroke me down and chained me to my bed yesterday.
As I really paint the squadron LIVE this week, there is some delay.
I think I'll be able to paint a while today, and tomorrow morning will be full of tea, honeyed milk and color.
If I find myself able to work today, there will be a post in the evening, so have a look then.

To sweeten your waiting time, I have something that should kill some time...actually tons of it.


This is the blog of my friend Zaphod Beeblebrox. You might have heard of him, he's some kind of galactic president and besides, a miniature painter for years.
The blog has a catching slogan: Where we learn to be a better painter.
But there are thousands of slogans out there...many empty and just that, a catch phrase.
So what can you expect over at

Event coverage:
One way to become a better painter is visiting as many events as possible. (and given that fact, Zappi is one of the worlds best painters^^)
Why? Well, because hundreds of high quality miniatures stand around there, inspiring our own thoughts, showing us new techniques, what can be done.
Looking at all this stunning entries can break a period of uninspired fails, starting a new rush to our painting tables.
We also can talk to  the people who painted them, ask how this and that was done, what drives them and discovering the little but important fact, that all of them are nice normal mortals. Talking to the personal favorite painter can take the fear away, the fear of high levels never to reach or use of spell bound painting demons to achieve the results we admire ;)
Most people can't afford traveling the world to have a look at some miniatures, but with Zaphod's help, we don't have to.

He loves to travel and visit the big events. Games Days, painting classes, international miniature shows.
Tons of photos, from entries, people there and even videos!
His coverage of Games Day UK hit the internet like a big bomb of hobby madness.
You can find it here:

part 1
part 2

After visiting a painting class yourself and practice,  practice, practice the best way to become a better painter is reading and watching tutorials. Step by steps, showcase articles, video tutorials. Never stop watching them, have fun while doing what you learned.
Zaphod visited many painting classes himself, painted for years and owns every painting dvd available...even the ones, that aren't produced yet. Being president has its values I guess.
He is some kind of walking painting lexicon and his goal is, to give that knowledge to you.
I painted a few times with him, and I remember every minute with a smile.
His tutorials also are published in a very nice quality, for he owns good equipment to record them.
Right now there aren't that much, but is a very young blog and there are big things to come.

Have an example here: Tutorial Tuesday 1 - Moldcasting your own resin parts

Who doesn't love free stuff?
No further questions ;)

Right now there is a hand signed copy of Forgeworlds Angron, waiting for a new owner!
Zaphod owns a damn big collection (I didn't believe him...until I SAW all the stuff)
There are many things buried in the depths of his storage, that went out of production years ago and that crazy guy gives them to his readers ;)

Find Angry Angron giveaway here:

Blood for the Blood God! Angron for your collection!

There is also some super secret presidential project (my guess would be world domination, but that seems unlikely for the galactic president...) that will be revealed at the end of the year...big things to come I guess.

Hey Martin, that sounds like a friggin advertisement??
It is my friends! Zaphods blog is great and as I am a Blogger myself, I want to share his hard work.
The guy spends hours cutting videos, writing articles and presenting high quality content. Support him I'd say ;)
Don't just read through, follow him, if you like what you find. Leave a comment, it makes him happy.
Years back, when this strange internet thing wasn't that present yet, it was damn hard work to find anyone who could teach you. No tutorials, no forums to ask your questions. The road was rocky and the way very lonely for people, who hadn't the luck to live in the big cities.
The internet community grew so big, all the countries linked together, it is painters haven. But one must remember, all that works, because all that people out there share their wisdom, their passion and their time. Let's say thank you to them ;)

Read you later, I'll drink another honeyed milk and search the GD UK gallery, over at !

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