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Step by Step: How to paint a high quality vehicle squadron fast and easy Part 5

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Helly dear readers,
welcome to the final part of my article.
The last days were a hard road to walk, my illness made work unpleasant and my camera had a problem with the software...some pictures of the wip process were lost and some private stuff kept my mind busy.
But I like to keep my word, and so the tanks hit ebay today :)
I'll try my best to explain the things I did the best I can, using the pictures that survived.

First I painted all the sponson weapons,search lights and smoke launchers using the known techniques.
I used an nearly empty roll of double sided tape to hold them all together.

Tape Wheel of Doom...

I primed everything with chaos black spray, airbrushed a basic color of Hull Red and a layer oh hairspray.

And now the first pics are missing. The next step is to cover everything in green (we don't need salt on those little bitz). Then the stipple brush creates rusted edges and little spots of rust, releasing the paint with hot water.
The metal parts of the tank and weapons were painted with GW Lead Belcher and then washed with GW Seraphim Sepia (like the tracks).

The search lights were taped and and airbrushed with chaos black. Then I added very thin layers of blue tones, beginning with regal blue up to a mix of regal and ice blue. every layer covers a smaller area. Then everything is covered with Gw Ard'Coat. (gloss coat)

The next step was to add some decals. I used the imperial tank sheet and the cadian troops sheet.

Cut out the decal you want to use. There are plenty ways to use them, here is mine.

I lay the decal on a finger, wet it with a small brush until it moves around on its paper.
Then I just take it with the brush, put it into place with a great amount of water to move it there, until it fits. Then take a dry brush and take the water away. It is important not to touch the decal itself, cause it can move while being touched.

I used numbers to add a feeling of ranks in the squadron and symbols and writings to add life.

Now I use two layers of GW Lamyian Medium to seal the decal.
After this is dry, I use the scalpel to scratch little parts away and create a realistic appearance.



If you don't seal your decal, the scalpel will just rip away everything.
After scraping, add another two layers of Lamyian Medium.

Then the final touches with oil colors come.

Here is what we need:
White Spirit to thin the oil color, burnt umber to create rust streaks and dirt and a brush you should never use again with your acrylics ;)
Everything that is waterproof will do as palette, I use a packing part, but also own a big wooden palette and painted on cigarette packages when traveling around. It really doesn't matter.

I use very thinned color

Cover everything with a heavy wash of oil.

Use a clean brush and white spirit to remove the oil color, where you don't want it. You can work with it for hours. vertical brush strokes will create streaks of rust.

The oil will change the overall color and effect, depending on your basic color and the varnish you used.
I couldn't find out yet, when the oil color will disappear without impact on the paint job and when it will work as filter, I just do and make the best of it. No mistakes, just happy accidents ;)

I wipe off most of the paint in flat areas, leaving a touch of it (just a thin shade) at the edges and a little stain here and there. Just  try it, you will get the hang really fast.
I use tons of white spirit right on the model, removing it (with color dissolved) with a clean brush ( I clean him out on a paper towel, so he gets dry) or pushing the liquid into the recesses to shade them.

I let the color dry for about 20 minutes before starting the removing process. This will allow the color that gathers around rivets and in the recess lines to stick to that areas, when the white spirit hits the model.

Then I start to clean the areas up

And another picture to show the difference between oiled areas and the rest

After this is dry to the touch, I add black weathering powder to the exhausts and gun muzzles. No pics of this, but you simply take a dry brush and add the powder to the model.
This was the final step, everything was covered with two layers of Lamyian Medium afterwards.

I didn't finish the banner, but I think the squadron looks nice without it.

Now here are the final results.
Beware, many pics ;)

I had a lot of fun with these babies and I really hope you learned something of use for you.
If you try out some of this, I would be happy if you would show me the results :)
In the end, the whole squadron took between 10 and 15 hours, but the greatest part was article writing, taking a lot of photos till they were right and editing them. I think the goal of being fast with a nice result was reached.

Tomorrow I will add the article to the article section, summed up to one big post.
Feel free to comment and follow, if you liked what you read.

Here are the Cmon-Links:
 Tank 3
 Whole Squadron

And of cause, the Ebay-Links:

I wish you all good night, I am gonna recover a few days now :)

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