Freitag, 28. September 2012

Step by Step: How to paint a high quality vehicle squadron fast and easy Part 4

German Version: Klick mich

Welcome back, today just a small step, painting the tracks and some addition to yesterdays post.

First, there is a golden rule I forgot, you might remember from the first article:
Yes, I also do this stuff while painting. Spray all dozer blades, all turrets, all hulls. This allows me to mix great amounts of color without wasting them.
And again, the not thinking just doing mode!

I cut all the camo before applying it to one tank:

This will fasten up your progress.

The tracks where masked with tape again.

No we spray GW Leadbelcher, thinned with Tamyia Thinner. (This stuff is awesome, also when painting with the brush.)
Take a sheet of paper to protect the untaped ares.

Two layers of GW Seraphim Sepia add depth and color to our tracks. It's not the best method around, but it's damn fast.

And to close todays post, the squadron all together in actual status:

Tomorrow the oils come in!
Good night everyone.

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  1. Getting there... Looking good so far - tracks are a little too clean for my taste...

    But weathering is still out, so I will sit back, relax and enjoy ;)