Samstag, 22. September 2012

Sign of life...

Long time without posting, work and health kept me away from blogging.
But the last days were buisy time, I spent my days building and painting a new Lord of the Rings gaming table for our local GW Hobbystore, painted tons of gaming terrain for our other tables and...
well I spent my nights painting, painting and painting again to present you the biggest series of articles this blog has seen so far.

But let's have a look on some pictures first...

The gaming table:

The whole thing is for the introduction games, I tried to create a few different scenes to tell a few interesting stories while playing with people who think about entering the hobby.
 All in All I built the whole thing in maybe 3 hours (most time between them was waiting for the wood glue to dry), airbrushed everything in another 3 and spent the same time using oil paints, adding final nuances and shades. Ah and not to forget...hours of glueing that little gras bundles in place :)

Second today, there are two little forests, expanding our fantasy terrain collection. Nothing special, but fun to do (well, at least the painting, cleaning the moldlines was horrible).
It took one and half an hour to paint them both, using an airbrush and the wonderful colour Seraphim Sepia to shade the leaves. It's fast and easy and adds depth to any gaming table. Think I am gonne built some more terrain for my own gaming group soon...

I felt some autumn in my heart, bright colours and falling leaves :) Soon the real world will follow.

And ... there was something...ah yes. the big thing to come.

Starting with monday there will be a BIG step by step tutorial, showing how to "speedpaint" a really nice looking vehicle squadron for your gaming army. (but lots of the thoughts may help you on your cabinet models too). For that tutorial I painted (and still are painting) three Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

Here is something to capture youre interest ;)

So have a look on monday :)
Nice weekend to everyone


  1. Woah that gaming board is sooo cool! I'd love to play on that :)

  2. Awesome board.
    But even better: the weathering effects... Looking forward to see them completed!

  3. Thank you both!
    Well, if you ever should be in Dresden, just visit the local Games Workshop and you can play on it :)