Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Awesome-O-MVE-20-12 FINSHED, some philosophy and photos

It is done!

But first, the threatened philosophy part :)
Every time I reach the final works on any project, I notice again what the hardest part is.
It is not to start (which can be very hard too), not to endure, not all the thoughts and facts about color schemes and technique...it is to end the whole thing.
Knowing when the moment to stop has come is really important, so many projects never get finished because one missed the point to say: That's fine, no more.
When I miss this point, I start to go mad on my project, discovering more and more things that could be improved (maybe I learned something new, maybe I was too tired, or just don't like it anymore) and I try to redo all those things...and never end, because there are always new ones.
My cabinet is full of projects like this.

So this time I wanted to end it, when it felt right to do so. I know, there are many things done fast and maybe not as clean as I could do them, especially the weathering was kind of problematic this time.
Don't know what went wrong, but I had big problems handling the oil color, which normally is the most easy part for me.
But that is ok, I smile when I look at him and that gives me the certainty that he is ready.
He will get his own place in my cabinet, opening a new floor of finished projects.
Believe me, this feels really special :)

Aaaaand here he comes, the incredible, sweet, and absolutely unhideable easter egg robot, the


For bigger pics, and if you like to vote for him, you can find him here at cmon:

As always I am unable to take better pics of him, I may be a passionate photographer, but I don't know how to get a miniature look like it should.

But gladly, there are other things to take shots of :)
My Nikon is a true companion on most of my ways, a few impressions of what we saw during the last weeks...

The DR 18 201, the fastes funtional steam locomotive. She visited Dresden a few days ago.
A big printed version will be the easter gift for my father, who loves the machine and introduced me to the old times of railways.
Can't count how often we chased that baby to take pictures or film her.

I also started to work on the first Paris shots, there is still a lot to do but I like how this two turned out.

Thanks to everyone who read the last days articles, we hadn't that much readers for a while.
And special thanks to Roman and the MV-Crew for that crazy happy contest :)

Have a nice evening everyone, I am going to spend my time on some good red wine.

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