Sonntag, 22. April 2012

sunday summary

Another week passed, another week of freedom and time to do everything I wanted.
After years of studies, with barely free time, I really enjoy this.

What happened this week?

Lets start with some changes to the design, I took the time to fix some annoying problems this morning.
The background will no longer scroll while reading (made me dizzy all the time) and has a nice solution.
And I thought it would be nice to welcome our visitors with a more suiting and personal header.
If you have suggestions that could help us improve design, or the blog itself, feel free to tell us!

There are also two new pages, first a direct link which will magically guide you to my DeviantArt galleries.
You'll find tons of pictures there, those of you interested in the photography part of this blog will sure have a good time over there.

Second, some kind of market place, where you can find auctions from time to time.
This week you have the chance to bid on a big deal of chaos space marines for a more than fair price.
In the future there will also be painted miniatures and some of the stuff we craft.
To sell my stuff hurts my heart whenever I am forced to do so, but we all have to pay our bills and a student's life is a poor one.

Yesterday was a happy painting night, I had the great pleasure of a nice guest and we both painted some oil on canvas. I kind of taught her step by step and our paintings grew together, I love it when this happens.
Whether miniature or canvas, there's nothing more beautiful then to see how other people discover their love for color and art with your guidance.
I explained some of Bob Ross way of painting and chose a very simple scene to show some basics.

Considering the fact, my friend never used oil before and never painted a scene on canvas, I think her painting turned out very well.

I just can recommend painting together from time to time, it sure is fun to explain what you are doing and maybe you could find out something new about your own technique while talking about it.

To end this summary, an impression of Friday night, spent with many friends until the sun rose again.
This night gave me inspiration, energy and the right mood to work on some unfinished projects again.

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