Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

GI-GAN-TIC (chaos dwarf) cannon...

I've finally made it. My enormous cannon project for my chaos dwarf army is finished. At least in construction.
- As announced or better, as shown in some pictures in an earlier post, I was totally investing my spare time in this project. I even kept my "Armies on parade-plate" project waiting. Now that I'm finished with this one I can switch again and keep on planning and constructing my "AoPp".
But now some pictures of my cannon project from WIP to finished construction.
(I'm not sure which colour scheme to use yet, but I hope Farbfanatiker will help me finding one;))

The last two pictures show some size comparison. First a mug (starbucks...), second a Chaos Hellcannon and a Chaos Dwarf.

So.... Keep on happy painting/ constructing/ molding, etc. Enjoy life.
Yours Edo.

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