Sonntag, 8. April 2012

playing with my furniture...

Trying around with some crackle stuff, to add a new feeling to my wardrobe.
I am changing lots of things in my flat this days, new paintings on my walls, new furniture or old one redone.
I love to work in, and WITH my flat, guess it is a big project I can interact with every day, adding new lines of script wherever the thoughts hit me and some marker is near, coloring our freezer, washing machine....think you'll get what I mean :)

I will do some turorials and WIPs of this whole thing, for most is cheap but can make the difference between a place to live and your very own personal place to live.
And miniature stuff I am doing isn't worth a word right now, somehow I managed to forget how to blend...well I hope it will work better tomorrow.

Read you soon, when the door has dryed and I can see how the final result is...and what further work could be done.


  1. Which crackle medium did you use? Looks awesome.

  2. Go create crackle coating from Boesner.
    I am writing an article about it right now, will be online in a few minutes :)