Montag, 4. März 2013

Back from vacation - finished tanks

It's been a while since I found the time to paint and enjoy it without the pressure of drafts and exams.
Last Saturday I took a bus to Berlin and visited my friend Zaphod, met Mati, my fellow blogger Bloodmaster, and many others.
I didn't check emails, the Blog or Facebook, my cellphone was off and for the first time in months, I just lived happy from day to day.
While Zappi edited his DVD sets I plundered the Battlefield Berlin (probably the most awesome miniature store existing), watched tons of painting dvds, two seasons Game of Thrones, the thirst season of classic Startrek ...and painted for one week.

Perfect Nerd-vacation.

Back in the old days of the empire, all the vehicles we associate with Space Marines were also used by Imperial Guard. I wanted to paint different "historic" camo patterns, using some really great step by steps and tutorial videos. This was a try with winter camo, heavily rusted and ancient.

Tallarn Desert Tank. Both tanks were exercises in weathering, trying to bring the 40K world to live, where they are used in decade long campaigns, with no time to clean or paint them new.

I will write a little bit more to them soon, right now I am sick and my bed calls for the next round of sleep.
Read you soon. 


  1. Very cool work on both tanks and they are properly rusted up indeed! Congrats on them, and more so on being able to leave the real world behind so that you could do a proper nerd vacation!

  2. Really love the second pic of the first tank, so many points that draw the eye in with all the differing colours, wicked! Keep smiling :)

  3. Thanks you two :)
    The next months will see way more rust :)

  4. It was great fun having you here for the week - and your tanks turned out really nice! Looking forward to our next Nerd Camp ;)