Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Chaoslord Wip and Barbarian Dude

So many days went by flying since my last post in this holy halls, but so much append. I got a scholarship for a PhD at the Goethe-University Frankfurt - one Step closer to the goal of becoming the next Dr. Indiana Jones..... So most of my time was consumed by the search for a new apartment and the organisation of the move. But never the less i found some time to paint the new Chaos Lord by GW. Its still in a WIP stage cause I haven't decided, whether I should use the original head or another one from my bits box.

Yesterday I found a package in my mailbox, filled with the Barbarian Dude. Last Week is stumbled upon the beautiful sculpt of a barbarian, sculpted by Emmanuel Giovanni, for his Range "Raining Frogs Garage". Sadly the miniature is limited to 350 casts, but I was quick enough to get one. The mini comes in a simple ziplock bag with a card, saying which number of the limited version you got.

The miniatur itself comes in 4 parts. The body, the crossed armes, the axe and a little hairpice. 

The axe and the body are of really good quality concerning the cast. on the left side of the Back and on the inside oft the left leg, one can find some mold lines, but they are so small you don't really see them on the pictures. On the arms the mold lines are a bit worse, but still easy to fix. And one of them is on the inseide so you don't even see it, when the mini is assembled.

Altogether it is a wounderful miniature. He reminds me a little bit of a certain Barbarian form a certain PC game, lets say, he looks as if he has slain the Lord of Hell many thousand times.... The real highlight of the sculpt is the face, its so atmospheric and grumpy - but see for your self

So today I found some time to clean the cast, fill some minor holes and the miscasts on the arms and the back. And I build a base using some Milliput to form some landscape. The rocks are done with a mixture of Milliput and Fimo. If your interested, i can write you a tutorial. The base will be finished after the paint job by adding some snow and a bit of old grass here and there....

Now its priming time. The axe will be painted seperatly, allowing a better handling.  

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Barbarian dude looks sweeeet! Looking forward to how he turns out with paint on it.

    Chaos dude looks sweet as well.