Samstag, 23. März 2013

CHARITY STARTS NOW! Selling unpainted miniatures for charity!


As I told you, I will sell the minis I got from Jeremie Bonamant Teboul to you and donate the money to a charity project. I won't take any money out of it. The money for the postage is spent for the packaging and the postage fee. The rest of the money goes to a charity project in Argentina. As you know Martin does study architecture and some of his study mates are in Argentina building a school. Here's the link to all the information about it:

Well as I talked to Zaphod (check his blog ) about it, he had the idea that if you've bought one of the minis, you could paint it, send it back to me and I'll sell it again and donate the money to the same or another charity project. YEAH WHAT A FUNKEY IDEA! You get painting fun and two times the feeling of doing something good for a bit of money!

Well as this is a charity thing I try to raise as much money as possible. So the prices for the miniatures are the same as on the shop and the idea is, that if you like you can pay more money for them, as they're quite cheap miniatures when you see it from the viewpoint of the sculpt. They're all just awesome!

I will try to make the whole thing as transparent as possible. I will start a thread on (link will follow as soon as I opened the thread there). There I will write a list which miniatures will be sold. You've got to weeks to send me a PM on how much you would spend for the miniature/s you want. After the two weeks the miniature goes to the highest bidder and the bidder and the amount of money he offered for the miniature will be written down in the start post of that thread. This way you will know how high the total amount of money it I got for the miniatures. When I'll donate the money to the project, I will somehow show you that I actually donated it by showing you a accounts current or/and an official document of the charity organisation that they did receive the money.
Well and If you're one of the crazy dudes who wants to buy one of the miniatures, paint it and send it back to me, so I can sell it again, it will be the same procedure. But as I don't want to set you under pressure to paint it fast, when you buy the miniature please tell me if you're one of the crazy awesome dudes and I will add this detail in the start post. Then I will wait until all miniatures of the yappadippiewhoopiedoopie dudes are send back to me before I'll start selling them. Till than I keep them in my cabinet and maybe take them to a painting contest if they've got unvetted categories like on the Duke of Bavaria. But I'll see. The charity project the money from the painted miniatures goes to, might not be the same. It depends on how long the last miniature needs to arrive at my place.

As you saw on the last post about the charity thing, there were also the two Jeremie Bonamant Teboul DVDs. These two DVDs will go to one of the ones who have send their painted miniature back to me. The winner will be drawn with

Well as I live in germany, the postage for the germans is cheaper than for the ones not living in germany. But I'll try to make a compromise between the cheapest and sending it safely to you're place or I'll just send it the way you want it to be sended, you're the one paying...
But also if I tell you how high the postage is and you're not satisfied because you know there's a cheaper way to send it, please tell me and I'll send it your way.

Here's the link to the Thread where the minis are sold:

All this contacting procedure will be done via PM or in the thread on

All details will be in the thread on

Pictures showing the miniatures will be in the thread on the bemalforum and also links to more pictures on my Picasa account.



  1. Lets get this party started.
    I'll add one of my own minis to the pool, half the paintjob is done.
    People, get crazy and paint for a better tomorrow!

  2. when my minis from Jeremie arrive and the move is done -did i say, that i hate boxing up my stuff - i'll paint some for the same goal. so stay tuned

  3. Muchas gracias to all of you!!!!!!

    CCF-Projektgruppe TU Dresden