Montag, 18. März 2013

Selling unpainted Miniatures for charity! SOON!

Hello fellow,

last weekend I've been at my hometown Bremen to celebrate my birthday with my parents. On Sunday when I arrived at home in Dresden, I found a card in my mail box, saying I've received a package. Today I picked it up and it was from france. In January I translated the subtitles for Jeremie Bonamant Tebouls new DVD (out now and available here: ) and as a salary he said I could chose from their miniature range. Just the first evening after I pledged to help Jeremie, when I was lying in bed trying to sleep, a thought came to my mind. Well since middle of octobre last year I got a new job and earn enough money to buy all the miniatures I want. So I thought I ask Jeremie for a long list of miniatures and tell him that I will sell them for charity, without keeping even a penny for me. The foooool he trusted me! No just kidding...

He has send all the miniatures on the list and even the first Jeremie DVD extra! See alllll the precccciiiooouuuussss miniatures!

During this week I will take better pictures of them and start a thread on to sell them. I'm still thinking about how much I want for them, but as it is charity I think at least the usual price and if a person wants to give more, thanks! And also I'm thinking about just to sell them inside germany to keep it it uncomplicated. The money will go to a charity project Martin introduced here a while ago, friends of him builduing a school in argentina. But if this project doesn't exist anymore, I'll chose another one. I will try to make the whole thing as transparent as possible, so you can see that I don't take money out of it.

So that's it for today more will follow soon!


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  1. Awesome stuff - keep us posted. I am definitely interested in one or two of those minis.

    And thank you, Jérémie - you are a hoopy frood!