Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Charity Bust WIP and news from the studio

Hodididelydooo, does anyone want some toast?
Well, no toast today, but hey, its a post....HA Klaus, my plays of words are as bad as yours ;)

Sorry for that, but we have a constant game of bad humor here.

Here is some good for you: Toasty

I managed to get my hands on some new furniture for the studio and last night some building and cleaning had to be done. As my studies start again next week and some projects that require space are in the waiting line there had to be done something.

There are some hints in this picture...
The SNES will be an good excuse not to paint I think, I love that damn thing.
And hey, what's that...a load of Tamyia paints, AK products and all kinds of cool stuff...yes my packages arrived and now it is time to try out that stuff and write reviews and some new tutorials!
With my new Airbrush waiting for first attacks on grey plastic there will be some tank action soon again.

This are the projects that stand on top of my I-wished-those-were-finished-list.
The wolves will get their arms, heads and backpacks soon, I couldn't finish them because my old airbrush didn't work anymore. Typhus will be leader of my Nurgle Force for 40k.
The big guy with the nice gloves was started during my Berlin vacation to have something not rolling on chains. Undead skeleton king guy needs some finework on the socket and details but I already learned a load with him.

And wait, who's this big headed guy?
This is my bust for our charity auctions!
I love him, the sculpt is awesome and painting him is a nice task.
Tried some new ways to paint the leather and my new passion for skin.
Still a lot to do but I think motivation for this one will stay strong.

He will be sold as soon as he is finished and the money will support my friends that are building a new school in Argentina right now. Find more information here: http://www.cc-fernandez.org/de/

Read you soon again

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