Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Some small gifts

Christmas is over, and for me personal, this is not the worst thing.
Thousands of people crowding through the alleys of my city, places we visit every day through the year we just can't reach (or don't want...) cause no parking, no single step without being rumbled, think you know what I mean.
This disturbing "christmas music" from November till the 24th. and false smiling and talking everywhere.
Think I'll never understand why people who don't like each other pretend to be nice and fine with each other...anyways there are the good sides.
I loved christmas when I was younger, all the magic and atmosphere...guess you don't see the worst part of it in a small town with barely people to disturb you.
That's what I do when christmas comes closer, invite some of the old people from my hometown and new friends alike and we celebrate, never at the 24th.
Apart from this one special evening I try to stay away from all that shiny loud christmas stuff...
but even this evening needs presents.

Today I show you some quick shots of the two miniature related gifts I made this year.

As always, i ran short in time and so the quality of pics isn't the best...maybe someone likes them anyways.

The shed turned out to colorful for my personal taste, but my dad liked it and so everything is fine.
I'll definitely keep the rough texture in mind that the wire brush + stewalin created, it looks pretty cool I think.

The RPG charakter of one of my best friends, he is my neighbor, so there will be better pics when I find the time to take them. Maybe 5 or 6 hours and a lot of fun.

This little guy motivated me to work at my space wolve army, today the oils for the first squad will be done and some other projects will get attention...using the free time till university starts again.

Have a nice day.

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