Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Creating Walls with Stewalin - Christmas presents rolling in

Today I'll show you a little tutorial about walls, there will be another one about building a little shed and finally painting the whole thing.

I needed something that would be easy and fast to finish, as my father still waits for last years present, which takes way to much time.

So I browsed the web, knowing he likes my modelling skills, but not my usual themes (no fan of military/destruction/decay...).
I thought of some articles I read a while ago and decided to build some kind of shed. It is a little thing and shouldn't be that complicated.

I ended up finding this:

A little building leaning against an old city wall. I loved the feeling and it reminds me of warhammer a bit, with it's puzzling imperial architecture.

Next step was to sketch a bit and plan the thing.

I used CAD Software, not because it's needed, just because I use it the whole day anyways. Every used shortcut helps remembering the damn things^^

The city wall itself will be casted in Stewalin, a gypsum used for miniature casting. It gets really hard and durable and is nice to work with.
Therefore, we build a mold with Styrodur Foamboard.
It isn't effected by water, and having a hot wire cutter makes working with it faster than other materials.

I used my printed plans to take the lengths and place everything...

To create the steps in the wall, I just used a few pieces of foam and layered my negative mold.

I taped all the edges, so no gypsum would flow out of gaps...

and failed :)
Well, that things just happen, no reason to be sad. I let the gypsum dry, so it closes the gaps and fill in more.

The Stewalin will dry fast, so we can unmold our wall.
Do this, when it's hard, but still moist.

There is a soft area, where the two layers of gypsum come together and this made me some trouble, I'll fix that later somehow.

Now I use a wire brush and stroke it randomly on the whole surface. 
After that I use a scalpell to cut in the stones, damages and so on. 

As you can see there is a big gap where the two layers met and the whole thing broke there, but hey, thats what putty was invented for...ok, it's not but I'll use it there anyways ;)

Stay tuned!

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