Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Introducing...Begbie! New Blogcrew finished!

Hello my dear readers,
today I'd like to use the real bad weather, the non motivated mood that keeps me away from painting and the fact, that my savage cats woke me up way to early.
Some weeks ago I told you there would be another painter joining us here at the (T)Raumschmiede.

I love his way of painting, black humor and one doesn't starve around his kitchen, quite good reasons to bind his soul to my digital workbench ;)

In the miniature community he is known as Begbie, Krawatte or just Klaus.

So let's have a little talk with the new guy!

F: Tell us who you are!

K: Well I'm 29 years old, studied chemical engineering and my heart beats for our beloved hobby since 6 years, if it's only painting and 13 years if it's miniature related. I'm from Bremen Germany, but since 9 years I'm moving around Germany due to my studies and now the job. At the moment I live in Dresden and I hope it stays this way for a long time.

F: Which art inspires you and why?

K: Can't really tell. I can say oh this miniature looks good, this one looks not so good. I'm not really the guy who is a real fan of somebody, I just like good paint jobs. Got the same problem with music, I can never tell who it's from, I just can tell that I like it. BUT I get Inspired by nicely painted miniatures, try to make out how the light and shadow was set, which colors are in there, how the mood was created and I try to let it flow into my works. Of cause I could make a list of people who potentially paint such figures which inspire me, but that would be a really long list. So no one special, just the whole scene you could say.

F: If you had to point out one painting related thing you're really good at...what would it be?

K: Well I'm not the kind of person who likes to praise himself. I'm really critic with my stuff. Well I like my stuff, but I try to point out every flaw in my works so next time I can avoid them or make it better. Well I wouldn't say my stuff is good, because there are a lot of painters million times better than me. Don't misunderstand, I like my stuff but being critic with my own work and painting, painting, painting, helps me getting better. Well maybe you could say, I'm good at criticizing myself without getting depressed, cause it motivates me.
Well I don't mean getting depressed motivates me, of cause.

I know, Bloodmaster had a few more questions, but hey, do you know how hard it can be to find questions to people you know? So if you have some questions, just write them down in the comments and Klaus will be answering as good as he can :)

And don't forget to check his gallery at puttyandpaint

Because we both live in the same town since a while, we're planning to paint weekly together...and I think starting january this will not just be planned, but done.

Read you soon.


  1. Yay! Begbie found a home! Finally he is off the streets ^^

  2. Yeah finally no more cardboard boxes to sleep in for me!
    Well concerning the amount of questions, there were two more but they are somehow lost due to skype....it was about why I'm such a wierd git and why do I wear a tie. But I assume that's not so important as long as I'm hear to help Maddin my luv.

  3. Hey Klaus,

    I'm glad that you found a new home. We miss the regular cake in my hobby bunker :-).

    Best regards,