Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Thoughts about revolution

I think most of you heard about Zaphod's big Painting Revolution.
Some love to ask themselves what all is about (and I bet some dream of possible things, each one crazy and Utopian, but nice to think of for a while - this alone is worth so much I guess)
some hate the advertisement and Big Z's way of acting...but I think really few don't give a fuck at all.
It polarizes the community and I think, this alone is something anyone can be proud of.
Making people dream, rage, and talk with each other is great.

The big Revolution...to be honest, I haven't the slightest clue what it will be about.
But I visited Zaphod to celebrate his birthday and he told me some of his dreams, some of his thoughts, and some things that aren't the revolution itself, but connected to it.
He told and told and I saw something I rate high in human beings...I saw passion and love for what he's doing, spiced with that little amount of madness, which is absolutely necessary to bring dreams into reality.
I saw a man who knows what he's doing, and who loves every little bit of it. And without knowing where this journey would lead me to, I decided to make it.
I told him, I want to be part of this thing, because it moves the people and because your little clues and talk catch me, make me believe in you and your project.

That's why I am writing this today, a friend asked to share his dream, and so I do.

I don't ask you to join, for I love anarchy and never would, but I share my thoughts and maybe some of you get interested.

I did a lot of public work during my studies, I spoke for the students, I organized demonstrations and marched through the streets to protest.
I helped projects come into live, worked with students, professors and politicians alike.
I knew many people who talked, but didn't do.
I knew many people who acted queer or had fantastic ideas, but proved to success with them.
I think after all the years, I developed some abilities to know, what kind of someone is and I am pretty sure Big Z is an good example for the second kind of people.

And after all, he has some real talented guys around him. Derwish, a master of our hobby, works with him, people like Camelson share his message. Award winners, other bloggers with lovely work, who thinks
they would invest their time and risk their good reputations for a big bubble of air?
I am pretty sure they are building a damn massive basement right now and when it comes to the walls and details, hey, that's my job anyway :)

So we know nothing, except their are some big names forging something big in the shadows.
For me, thats enough to ignite my fantasy and dream a bit while finishing my new general.

If you didn't here about the revolution yet, you might or might not click this to get directed to it: 
revolutionary link

Have a great evening my friends, I'll work the whole night, trying to finish my big draft for university...I really hate deadlines.

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  1. Thank you so much, Martin!

    What you wrote, truly moved me :) I needed that today - it was a rather shitty day alltogehter ;)