Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Some Wip

Some projects I am currently working on.

First a little speed paint, done for a funcompetition with someone at my german forum (Das Bemalforum).
I couldn't make the deadline, studies got me away from it for quite a while but I try to bring it to an end.
Goal was to paint it in only one week and till now I painted maybe 2 to 3 hours on that little fellow. I hope to finish it during another 3 hours, so that the spirit of "fast painting" will be practiced.
Siggi, I did't forget about our brushwar :)

Only finishing the base and some special effect have to be done...

Second a short hint on something I have to do for a competition at work (working part time at my local GW store).

Third is a little scene, called "To rule once more again".
Inspired by Skyrim, a centuries old king, who just didn't notice his domain fell under a new master.
Stones collected at my bus stop and brought to some grave hill shape. Just the first sketches of colour are done at the socket.

And last but not least a few details of Hackepeter.
Today I finished the renderings and blueprints for my big draft, presentation will be tuesday.
And after this, all these little scenes will get colour, looking for my painting vacation :)

1 Kommentar:

  1. really nice greens on the orc.
    BUT the left arm might need some liquid green - fill the gap. ;)

    all others are VERY nice.