Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

One night - One miniature or thoughts about diversity

Some philosophy again.
Back in 2011, one day in summer I realized I was doing the stuff I learned...and nothing else.
Stagnation at the door, no guest you really like to have at your place.
What was going on? Well, there are two things that can lead to that state, at least I know that two.

First: New things scare you.
There are so many techniques to learn, some of them really tough stuff like non metallic metal, object source lighting and playing with different contrasts.
If you hear how much time it costs to paint something on a big project it is understandable that you might think it could be too much.
And if you do something, you really want to kick ass, then you will stick to this areas for hours until you don't want to see them anymore. (So many miniatures at my cabinet, staring at me and crying)
In the end this big unknown monster seems to be so terrible, you won't even start the figth.

Second: It is really easy to do stuff you know you're good at.
Human kind is lazy and that can kill every creativity. If you painted 10 miniatures with the same warm/cold contrast, why change? The eleventh will be ok too, you will be happy and fine...works for a few months.
But you will never learn to paint with complementary contrast, or even monochromatic.

Ah, recognized a third one...
Sometimes you don't know, whether you like a special effect/painting method/etc or not.
Personal, I don't put hours of effort and an expensive mini into the game, if I don't like the price.
Hope you get what I mean.

So I had to find a solution to this three problems, stopping me on my way.
I started with this thing I like to call one night - one mini.
We paint once a week in a little group, consisting of my girlfriend, a good friend of us and me.
I started with a little bust, just a torso and helmet of a Games Workshop Space Marine, with a little cork as socket. I decided to paint weathering effects on this bust, and I did.
4 hours, no big deal and nothing special for sure, but I did paint something I had't done before.
It was cheap, not big, so it could be painted in a short time and from spare parts, so if it failed it would be no problem. So all the three reasons were attacked.

If you do such a thing, nothing can go wrong, worst case is 4 hours of painting, while talking to friends and no completed mini in the end...but that would be the case if you wouldn't start at all.too, so nothing to loose.

Since then, this is my method to try out new stuff, effects or contrasts, colors etc. If I like the result, I take the technique and and practice at bigger projects, if not, I try something else.
This safes me loads of time and money and is really enjoyable.

I never paint on them again, after my night ended, I think that would kill the meaning of the whole thing.
But thats just my opinion.

Here are two of my one night shots, the marine and a little rat, called the prophet (all skaven players will understand).
Sandy also posted her latest a few hours ago.

Maybe some of you find themselves in the desriptions, and maybe this is something you would like to try.
If you do so, feel free to show us your results :)
So take your brushes and kill the thee monsters...


  1. Here is my first "One Night one Mini" Project. http://minikrieger.blogspot.de/2012/03/one-night-one-mini.html

    Thanks for sharing this Idea!!!

  2. Thanks for using it ;)
    I am really happy to see, that somebody had a good time, inspired by my thoughts.
    Keep brushin ;)