Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Garbage to gold or deadlines suck...

You work for months, change everything a thousand times and have barely freetime...ok. I can live with that, I knew that it would be that way before starting my studies.
But unorganized professors are another thing that takes my blood pressure to levels far beyond healthy.
One should think a university is able to keep the dates actual, but no, seems that is impossible.
I received a mail, from my advisor at the big draft (we have to make one every term), telling me they want everything 4 days earlier, without any reason. Yeah, fuck schedules and planning your time till deadline.^^
And 4 days earlier is....tomorrow at 15.00. When did I get this? Yesterday.
So a big mess and hurry and 4 days which were reserved for rendering and photoshop the final pictures turned to a few hours available.
This is the first one( shrinked to be displayed), sure not what I wanted to have but no more time as there are another one, which is even bigger, and a model to build.
But I thought I could show it, so you get an insight in the things I do besides painting and such stuff.
And I think thats a good example for the old wisdom: If life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.
Sometimes it doesn't need to taste well,it just should kill your thirst :)
Greets Martin

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