Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

The power of little words

No miniature related stuff today.
I heard my last course of Baugeschichte today, my favorite course. You can translate it with History in Architecture, you hear lots of things about former ages, their buildings and the common thread which runs through all the times. For example how the political situation and wealth of a city during a special period effected the rest of the world.
There are different courses every year, with different focus.
This year I visited two, one about early christian architecture and the circumstances that formed the styles and types of buildings and one with focus on the american building history, from the first settlers till the late eighties of our past century. I would have never expected such a diversity, my professor killed many stereotypes and prejudices during this course.
The two courses were my glimps of hope during the last term, something enjoyable and alway interesting.
Main reason were the two lecturers. We have many bad professors here at my university, thats because they are not forced to learn something about teaching before getting the job.
There are man, who have two big architectural offices and "teach" at two universities, so they are just for a few hours in your town...try to ask them something and get crazy :)
They may be good architects, but they have no understanding in sharing their wisdom, they just read their lines and have no clue whether their students get the point or not.

And most of them don't care about this fact.

But there are others, who habilitate at free will and you always notice whether your actual prof did or not.
My Baugeschichte lecturers did and so it was very funny, interesting and so well written, that you actually could be attentive during the whole lesson.

But what about the little words I mentioned?
Thats easy, as I told you, it was the last course today and two hundred students rushed out the building in a few minutes, just taking the good stuff granted they were allowed to hear, not noticing how lucky they were with this professor.
As I walked downwards to him and spoke a few minutes, the few students left who had to sign in for exam looked at me like a total stranger from mars.
It seemed it was absolutely unimaginable for them that a student could say thank you for your hard work and the effort you put into every course.But their glances weren't the point, I really don't care about stuff like this.
My professor was really happy that someone came to him, said this little words and showed, how happy he was after the course.
That made me think, and I came to the conclusion that we take so many things granted this days, like the meals your loved ones cook for you, little presents that make our day when everything seems to brake into pieces, the five minutes your sleepless and ever working room mate sits down next to you and listens.
I felt bad for saying this little words thank you so seldom and swore to myself I would change this.
I think it are these little moments when someone shows his gratitude that give all this little angels out there the power to be as they are.
So lets say this magic words more often.
Greets Martin

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