Montag, 23. Januar 2012

One night - One minature; Part I

Hello everyone out there!

Yesterday, I painted this cute litte scene which made me really a lot of fun. It´s my second finished miniature. My first one was a demonette at the workshop with Roman in Berlin (water plus pictures are in process).

I painted since ... I think the first Banzai. Maybe some people in Germany know that books. This are magazines with many Mangas in it. Yepp, I was young, hehe, and I am still. So from that point I improved my painting skills. And then came Martin and showed my his world of litte miniatures. It´s a new way of painting for me. A piece of paper is 2D but minitures are 3D. I like that fact. You can create a scene an then look at in in so many perspectives, that´s great!
Here I am, creating my own litte universe. Have fun to look at it ;)

Litte butterflies for all ;P

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