Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Workshop Review - Vehicle and Weathering Workshop Göppingen

As promised, impressions from my first painting class. Dive into our weekend !

You can find the gallery with all finished tanks here!

This is my airbrush. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My airbrush is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my airbrush is useless. Without my airbrush, I am useless.

Who knows the quote? Full metall jacket guided us through our weekend, as did tons of bad jokes and laughter. I traveled earlier to Göppingen, preparing everything we would need.

All my remaining tanks, source books and gear traveled with me to guide the guys through their first tanks.

Everything you need to get started.

5 students, one teacher, and no air left to breathe inhabited the classroom for three days, we started early and painted into the nights. Most of them never used an airbrush before, except to spray a basic tone on their infantry. So we started with theory, dilution, safety, how to use which products. Presentations and stock pictures were followed by practical exercises and sometimes, pizza and pretzels.

We started with rusting our vehicles, using basic layers and different techniques of chipping, from hairspray to masking it.

Every step was shown and than the guys could try everything on their spare side plates. Camo, contrasting colors, masking big areas were following steps.

Basic colors and chipping are done.
Masking...the most time consuming step in the process but worth it!
Using the side plate, the marine painters also could test some camo.

Saturday was full of masking, creating camo and painting first details, like chip highlights and wires.

I painted two tanks myself, to demonstrate the techniques.

Max was so kind to bring some of his old tanks with him, the difference is stunning.
Groups of tanks...impressing sight every time!

We used Sunday to paint the tracks, work with oil colors and pigments and finish our work. All tanks were finished or really close to it, good job guys!

At (T)Raumschmiede, the cake isn't a lie.

Private, present your tank!

The weekend was very special for me, standing in front of everyone instead of listening for the first time. My students were really nice, we had much fun and the results impress me. All in all, I think my first painting class was a  full success.

Read you later my friends.