Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Ebay tanks and Give Away Winners

Good Morning dear readers!

Lets start with making people happy! As there were only two participants in our Basing Give Away, I decided to let you both win! Thanks for your suggestions!
The winners are Crazy Baldhead and Zab !
Please contact me and let me know which set you'd like to get and where you live. I'll cast the Bases and send them out to you.

Talking about shipping stuff...there is something in my's been a while, so the memory is cloudy. ship sold stuff, don't you?
Yes! This week will see auctions again!

Space Marine Predator
This was one of the two tanks I painted at the painting class in Göppingen to demonstrate techniques.

Although it looks kinda Blood Ravens like, it can be fielded as Blood Angel tank or for any own chapter!

Or you want to start your own little Marine Strike Force? No problem, start with him! I also accept army commissions ;)


Imperial Guard Leman Russ
This was the second workshop tank ( two in one weekend AND teaching 5 people, I am kind of proud) .

Urban Camo and a LOT rust, as I explained rusting with him.


other stuff
As usual, collectors stuff like the limited codex Dark Angels and the no longer sold Mines of Moria set!

Why so quiet?
Some may have noticed there are fewer posts here this days. The reason is that my girl will leave for a half year trip to Japan in a few days and we use every minute we have until than. 

But there are some real nice projects growing, a massive documentation of my first commission army (White Scars, tons of bikes, lances and Battle Damage) and the purchase of a new camcorder to give you some Youtube Tutorials and Miniature videos!

So stay tuned and till the next post, we say goodbye (and do some "hidden" advertising for our friends over at Painting Buddha )


  1. Thanx! That's awesome! However, I can't find any way to contact you through the blog.

    I updated my follow settings on your blog to "Allow site members to send messages to your email address." If you could send me an email, I'll respond with the requested info.

    Thanx again!

  2. Die Kirche ist sehr schön!!!
    Very good that they could fund this and rebuild it.
    Dresden really is the Venice of norhern Europe. :)