Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Short review on Emuse's Step by Step on the walking dead

Well this year Emuse made a indiegogo campaign to collect money for his trip to the crystal brush contest in the USA. As I backed his campaign I got the first released part of the stuff he promised for the backers!
It's the step by step on his the walking dead scene which took second best of show and gold in diorama at the crystal brush.

Here's the link to the blogpost on emuse's blog concerning the step by step:

So first thing I can say about the step by step  is simply bravo to emuse! It's really professionally done. The layout just suits the scene from the layout effects to the colours just perfect. Also imo they are very well used to underline the text structure.  For example on one side the the old chapter is on a bright surface and when the new chapter starts its blended over with an cool effect to a dark colour. All these colours in the layout are also in the scene so it fits perfectly.  Very atmospheric!
On the photos you always can see what has been described in the text, it's never like "well he said he did this and that but I can't see the difference to the previous photo" especially when it's about the paintjob. Also you can zoom in 200% and the photos are still sharp. So you can enjoy every detail of the scene especially on the detail shots!
The tutorial itself is just like the rest pure awesomeness in perfection! In the text it's always described what the intentions were for what's been done on the scenic composition, the colour choice etc. It starts with the description of the idea for the scene and the inspiration material used, goes over to the  planning of the scenic composition -it's described why which element is where-, building it and painting it -explaining what mood with which colours was intented to be achieved and stuff like that-.  I myself really like it a lot when it's told WHY the colours used are used and WHY the zombie lies where he lies, that's very well done in this tutorial!
So from my side I think this is a really, really aaaawwwweeeesssssooooommmmeeee tutorial! Thanks for that!
I can't wait to see the next ones and to receive the combined printed versions!

For the ones that didn't back the campaign I can only hope the printed version of the tutorials will be made available for them at some point in the future...otherwise they've really missed something!

Read you soonish!

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