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Introducing....BLOODMASTER - New member on bord

I am really happy to welcome my friend Bloodmaster as new member of the crew...crew? One man is barely a crew...well, soon there will be a crew my friends ;)
When founded, this blog was the work diary of two people, during its lifetime it saw guests, a change of crew...rough times. BUT it was always a place to share interests, knowledge and projects...with friends of mine.

Blogging takes time, much work and good ideas to stay interesting. Sharing it with somebody makes the whole thing easier. I decided to expand this site, invite some of my friends and a bunch of them answered.

That means you can expect more different styles of painting, more tutorials, written by different painters, more views and personal strategies. And of cause, there will be new posts more often now.

Today I reveal the first new member, introduce him with a little interview and some of his projects.
Expect his own posts very soon ;)

F: Hi Bloodmaster!
Many question my decision to make you a member, because there are constant rumors that you don't have a soul and actually are a daywalker...how much truth lies in that? (For everyone who doesn't know the joke, you have to watch this! , or better, the whole episode of southpark ;) )

B: Actually I have a soul, I only learned to hide it away, especially around my painting friends, just to unnerve them. Kinda like one of those Pariahs in 40K ... (authors note: actually, we had to paint the picture above, because for some reason, taking photographies oh him is absolutely impossible...well, who cares)

F: Some people might know you already, let's enlighten the rest. How long do you paint and what major points during your hobby life lead you to your actual level of painting?

B:  I started painting roughly around 7-8 years ago, turning from a tabletop nerd into a painting geek. The first real enlightenment was a workshop with Georg Damm/GeOrc, who became my personal drill sergeant too. The workshop taught me very much about the basics, that are important for the hobby, first of all Blending. The next highlight was my first demon in 2008. Some of you might already know the Dark elves Black guard, which got me that nice silver chunk of resin. From that point on I was really fixed by the hobby. But what really helped and still helps me developing my skills is the exchange with the many friends I met over the years. Meeting them and spending time together painting is always a true joy and gives many new ideas and insights for upcoming projects.

F: What was your favorite project so far?

B: It's always the one, on which I'm working at the moment. But looking back, I would count the Khorne Berserker on a Juggernaut and the World Eaters unit as my favorite projects. They were real fun, from the conversion and sculpting till the very end of the painting process.

F: Who is your favorite artist, if you have one? What is it that makes him so special and does his art have an impact on your works? (Not necessarily a miniature painter)

B: Adrian Smith. That dude is always an inspiration. I really like his work. You just have to look in the Blood Angels Codex or the Army book Warriors of Chaos to see why. His work is so detailed and has its very own dark and beautiful style. His non-GW work is even better.... At the moment I try to figure out a way to translate his works directly onto my miniatures. Concerning miniature painters I would count Raffa "picster" Picca, Ben Komets and Rafael García Marín "Volomir" as my most favorite painters. Their work always gets me and pushes me a little bit further, just trying to get even close to their skill level.

F: What do you do besides painting little plastic soldiers, the so called..."real life" ?

B: Real life? Never heard of it... just kidding. I just finished my studies of prehistoric archeology and am now trying to make a living oft it. Apart from that I hang out with friends and when there is still some time left at the end of the day, i try to watch some movies or play some video games, just for fun (one never knows when inspiration strikes).

F: What can our readers expect in the near future? Do you already have ideas for tutorials or will it be a kind of gallery for the first weeks?

B: There are already some plans for the future. On one hand you will see pictures of the last few projects I finished and didn't post anywhere so far. On the other hand I'm planning on posting some Tutorials concerning rocks for basing, painting red armor, and probably some step by steps on miniatures I am doing right now or in the very near future. So just watch out ;).

So stay tuned our friends, soon there will be another new painter saying hello.

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  1. Hey, that purple base under the elves looks terrific? Who dunnit?