Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Redmaw Canyon Video preview - Two days of work shrunk into 5 minutes

I couldn't believe when I checked the blog this morning, over 900 visitors in the last two days, the canyon article became the third most seen post we had since the beginning.
You simply blew my mind and words couldn't explain how happy I am.

As a little thank you I made a little teaser, where you can find selected scenes from the upcoming series, speeded up a bit. Hope you enjoy!

Tonight I survived the second of three night shifts on this piece, after working in the store all day. No sleep since Tuesday, I kinda feel like a young student again. Just came home to render that small video and will make my way to the store again now, so I won't be able to reply until Friday. Today we'll celebrate the last day of sixth edition of 40k with some massive games and Open End hobby evening. Only the buildings remain....

Friday 14 o'clock is the deadline and I am sure it will be finished then.

I'd like to thank my wonderful girl, who visited me with dinner and good mood after the store had closed it's doors. Your backup means so much.

Read you soon my fellow painters

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