Montag, 12. Mai 2014

And again its Miniature Monday

Hello everyone,

I hope you survived the weekend and had a good start into your week. I for one have the pleasure to present you another finished project of mine. And, like last Thursday, it was a GD Germany project from last year. It started of as the limited Forge World Titan Princeps. But before I tell you more, first the pictures.

So, as you might have noticed, this fellow has undergone some little conversion, mainly a change in the arm positions and the adding of a cane. I've converted and painted him one week before the Games Day. A little tradition is the so called "nerdcamp" where a few friends meet and have an intensive painting time, really intensive like nothing else just nerdy painting, sculpting and trash talk. Last year it was held at GeOrcs in Berlin. While he was doing a conversion and paint job of a whole monster entry, I finished the High elves unit I already showed you here, converted and painted this fellow, did another fantasy Single entry (you will see soon) and ran out of time at another project... Klaus was there to, at least some days until he chickened and had to visit a family celebration... some other painters from Berlin showed up during the week, too.

So, I hope you like this one, feel free to ask anything and leave your opinion below. And if you like him, give him a vote at Putty & Paint

P.S.: Oh, I still have one Invitation Code for Putty & Paint, a really good and fair CMON Page. If you are interested in one, tell me why you should be the one to join and send over some pictures of your works.

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