Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Of money and canyons - Painted tanks for sale and part two of the Redmaw tutorial

Hello my friends!
Todays post has two themes  and brings you double the fun!

First I'd like to show you some of my older works that search for a new home! The last year was full of finished miniatures, rows of tanks and even my first painted army. As this blog and my channel are the drive I searched so long to keep me motivated, endless new ideas come to my mind and want to be forged from dream to reality.

I have to get some space for new dreams, and a little bit money to finance them and new equipment. Things like a better microphone and tutorial books to learn the next level are definitely in the near future of this blog.
Today I'd like to offer the first three tanks that must leave home and explore the world, driving the great crusade further.

Desert storm - Tallarn Leman Russ

For everyone who loves extreme weathering, this piece shows what it means to serve the emporer for decades under the most dire circumstances. Lot's of enemy, no workshops or rests and for sure not enough maintenance...welcome to the Astra Militarum! He won a silver medal at the Duke of Bavaria and was painted at the Painting Buddha Headquarters in Berlin, be kind to him, he deserves.
Find his gallery here:  

Valhalla - eternal fight

My favorite rust paintjob so far, this Predator  served in the Imperial Guard during the Great Crusade, when this vehicles still were deployed to all the emporers loayl servants. My first attempt on winter camo and massive rust streaks. He also got silver at the Duke.

Find his gallery here.

Yellow storm - Imperial Fist Whirlwind

Yes, there he goes, my favorite tank. He was the third tank of my display at this years Duke and took the silver home with his brothers. Some of you may know him already, from the white dust purity seal accident to his glorious resurrection. Every scratch and damage was handpainted, no hairspray or salt here. 

Find his gallery over at p&p!

How dou you get them?
I don't want to put them on Ebay and see them sold for the sealed box price, and I'd love to know they found a nice new home. If you want one (or all, hey christmas is only 207 days away) please drop me your offer. You can do this here in the comments, via our facebook page or send a mail at:

These are collectors pieces and time and heart went into their creation, please send true and serious offers only. 

And finally...more Redmaw Action!

The gallery video with lots of miniatures on them and part two of the tutorial are up and ready to watch!

See Necrons verses the forces of Nurgle and the rock carving process.

So much post for just one day, I'll take a break on the garage sale with my girl, as my scratchbuilt addiction came back I need lots of old watches. Read you soon and have a nice weekend everyone.

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