Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Tau army wip

I started painting commissions last year, and one of the first (and still far from finishing) was a Tau army.
Lot's of battle suits, tanks and infantry.

This had some serious drawbacks again and again, from the two months of paint stripping instead of two days (never...NEVER use some cheap acrylic wall paint for your miniatures if you plan to maybe repaint them in the future) to hardware problems with the airbrush. As I am struggling with this one for a while now, I am happy that first progress is showing.

The customer wanted a simple paintjob, nothing to expensive and so I tried to find a good middle way between basic painting and nice looking colors with simple gradients.

So far he likes the ochre. The colors where Tau Light Ochre for the base tone, Skag Brown for the shadows and a mixture of Tau Light and Kislev Flesh for the highlights
Next step will be detail painting, adding some red armor plates and darklining and these will be ready to go.

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