Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Keeping the Promis from Eastern

Hi folks,

as promised some days ago, I will start to show you my resent works. The first one actually is from 2013 , to be precise form the Spring just befor the Duke of Bavaria 2013.

It is the Celtic Chieftain by Elite Miniatures, sculpted by Raul G. Latorre. He is roughly about 54 mm in hight. I really had fun painting this beautiful sculpt - especially as it was my first historical miniature. (If you can get your hands on one of Latorres sculpts, pay the price, actually pay every price necessary. Those are some of the best sculpts you might ever get and since Latorres own studio is closed again, they are running low :( )

During the process of assembling and priming I lost the scabbard. So I had to replace it. The original one was quite dainty, but I decided to go with a simpler one as a replacement. Before I go into too much details, let me show you the pictures

Concerning the paint job I went with a simple one, mostly because tattoos, complex shield ornamentation or weaving patterns would have been quite a stretch, form the archaeological point of view. Normally I don't care to much for historical accuracy, but in the process of painting this little fellow my inner "Fachidiot" kicked in and I did some researches. To be precise I bought a Osprey book about the Celts and.... lets say I sat down in the library of the archaeological Landesamt Sachsen-Anhalt and had some fun comparing popular book content with the archaeological texts..... Osprey has nice pictures but if you really want to learn something about the epoch they shouldn't be your first choice.

So I hope you like the celtic chief, and if you want visit him on Putty & Paint. No CMON Links anymore, they killed my account out of the blue. 

Stay tuned for more. I will work my way through my shelf during the next days/weeks.

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