Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Look what the easter bunny dragged in

Oh boy, it's been a long time since I posted something and an even loger time since I showed you some of my works. I beg your pardon, humble reader, so much to do, not much hobbytime, used to paint rather than post.

But: the Duke of Bavaria is coming near and my brushes are smouldering and because it's Easter, I have some pictures for you.

First, a little WIP of the latest mini, the Toad King by Allan Carrasco - the man, who sculpets dicks at everything....

And as an extra the finished Scion Plasmaguy. Finaly some GW minis that have a nice tone again.


So, thats it for now. I'm off to enjoy the weather, grill some dead animals and spend some time with the Lady - she wont see much of me the next week, painting madness ist starting.
After the Duke ist done, I'll come back with more pictures, for sure this time.


  1. wow! that new GW model is fanastic! cant fault any of it :-) i saw them for the first time this weekend and they are beautiful models.
    what colours did you use and how did you get the shading on the armouur?

    1. Thanks Paul. I feared someone would ask that ^^. I'm sorry, but i can't tell you anything specific, because the painting progress was a bit chaotic and random. Most of the model was painted, using Scale Colors. I highly can recommend this range - nice tones, good workability and a very matt finish.
      Concerning the armour, I started with a quite dark bluish grey tone. For the shadows I added Dark Sea Blue by Valejo model colour and black. The highlights were achieved by adding Graphite and Nacar - both are quite light grey tones with ochre from the NMM steel set by scale colors. Since I wanted to keep the armour plates dull, I kept most of the base coat visible and focused more on the shadows than on the highlights.

  2. no worries lukas thats fine.
    thanks for pointing me in the direction of Scale colors, i'll have a search for them now. another question i have is do you paint alot (or any) of the models with airbrushes? i wandering wether to start using one and what bits to use it for?

    once again a fantastic piece you've created :-)

    1. Nope, no airbrush for me - simply because I do not have one. The simple answer would be, that I didn't manage to put away some money for one. A more detailed answer: I think an airbrush is a nice help. It allows a quick and even application of the base colours and the basic lights and shadows. BUT if you use the airbrush extensively or even exclusively, you lose a lot of character and individuality brushwork creates. So I simply prefer my trusted brushes and stay lazy and skip learning the handling of an airbrush. But that is just my opinion - it relay depends on what you want to paint and achieve. For an army or larger models like tanks or even GW titans, an airbrush relay eases the work.

  3. wow thanks for speedy reply!
    well your opinion has cemented my decision. i'll stick with the brush like wise. i'll never be able to achieve your quality of painting but knowing that you achieved that with a brush makes me want to push myself more. i appreciate you sharing your views and especially your models

    1. Just keep pushing your self, it is the only trick that got me to this point. And practice.

      Ok two things: Practice and Pushing your self...