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Workshop with Karol Rudyk Report (beginning of June)

Flitschikowski my fellow paintbottlecrackers!

In beginning of june I've been to a workshop weekend at the to participate in a workshop with Karol Rudyk . As I have seen some of his work before the workshop I was quite looking forward to the workshop, aslo because the topic was an interesting choice "nurgle skin", from a painter of whom I've seen super cool NMM and freehand stuff. The miniature for that workshop was the stone giant from scibor.

Preparing the miniature was kind of easy kind of tricky. This was because due to all the structure going on on that miniature it was not easy to spot the places to fix, but  because of all the structure going on on that miniature it didn't matter to find all the spots to fix.

So after preparing the model and spraying the foundation on it, he showed us some airbrush work. We sprayed the base colour, then sprayed the shadows in three steps from a everytime more perpendicular angle with a more and more darker colour (last one was spraying from the bottom -hope you get what I mean), then in three steps the lights same way but spraying from the top as last step.
It was time for the brush. Because it was his second workshop (I think) and didn't have so much experience with workshops, we all together decided just to paint the face. He used quite thick paints and absolutely near to dead brushes, well some were still okay, but the result was great. We painted ourselfes through contrast lessons and special effect stuff and I think the results were looking niiiiiccccceeeee!

Here is my result, photographed with flash because it just looks awesome this way:

The whole weekend, the dudes and the workshop were very cool. We learned quite some stuff and Karol is just an awesome guy! He took his time to answer all the questions everyone had and really did a good job in doing so.
I'm really looking forward to another workshop with him sometime in the future with NMM and freehands as a topic! And of cause I'm looking forward to meet the nice Karol fellow again!

Here are some links to pictures from Baphomet (Massivevoodoo) and the Battlefield store:

So hope you liked the short report!

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