Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Not very in scene Barbarian...


Again a miniature finished buuuut no idea for the base at the moment. I painted him two weeks ago on the weekend and it was just about painting the miniature because he was he was in my cabinet prepared and ready to be painted for a while now.
So on the friday back than it was his time to be painted. Years ago I bought the whole set of Vallejo Airbrush Metallic colours, even the green, the blue and the red. I wanted to try the red metallic. I feared that he would turn out colourfull like a carousel on a fair...this is how he looked after the base colours for the metallics (I mixed some metallic blue into the red...):

Miniature done:

I shadowed ALL metallics with Umbra and then with black mixed with dark angels green. Light is done with some more vallejo airbrush silver into the base colours. Skin is rotting flesh as the base colour, shadowed with umbra and liche purple for first shadow, some more umbra and lich purple for second, and some black in the mix for third, lightened up with white and enchanted blue into the base colour. Leathers are brown tones shadowed with liche purple, liche purple+black, lightened up with sunny skintone and ivory. Horns are kommando khaki, washed with mix of base colour and dark angels green, then some mix of liched purple and black for the shadows. Painted some lines withe ivory on the horns, washed the tips of the horns with ivory, painted some lines with white. Yeah I thinks thats about it, a fast 16 h paintjob just for fun, painted on two days.

As soon as I got an idea for the base, I'll let you know.

Hope to reddish you sooooon!

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