Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Workshop with Jeremie (Beginning of July) Rappporrrrt!


At the beginning of July I stayed a week at my friends place, the home of our all president Zaphod Beeblebrox ( http://masterminis.blogspot.com ). After a week of painting, video gaming and slave labour it ended in an workshop with the world famous, marvellously talented, astoningishly beautifull Jérémie Bonamant Teboul!

He showed us his way of painting (which he also shows on his second DVD which was released this year) all weekend long. It's kind of mixing the techniques, like wetblending, blending, layering, feathering just as he needs them and just as it pleases him. We started with his wetblending technique and started to switch techniques to become more clear. See how wet it is and how the students are eager to learn from the master:

For me wetblending is a bit harder to perform than for others, because I'm not a brushlicker (which really helps with this technique due to the viscosity of the magic juju spit). Also it was quiet warm that weekend and the colour dried very fast on the wet palette and the brush. But enough of the excuses of my crappy result (will definetly throw it into the airbrush cleaner and give it proper paintjob).

It was really nice to see his way of painting and to hear his philosophie of painting. 

On Saturday evening we went to a restaurant to eat sommmme piiiiizzzzaaaaa!

So in total it was a really nice weekend! Thanks JBT for teaching us his path of paint!

Here a link to some more pictures on Facebook by the Battlefield-Berlin-Store:



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