Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Painters unite! - Epidsode 3

This weeks auctions 
Ebay-Search found those guys, as no mails went in.

Beautiful Black Orc from Games Workshop, with a very low start bidding! 

Nice version of the Chaos Hellbrute, blood, snow, a nice and not overdone OSL. He ends today!

Also ending today, a diorama with Nurgles finest!

Whats new in the studio?
There isn't that much progress at the moment, as Luke moved and explores his new city and job. He painted some very cool stuff during the last weeks, but didn't find the time to make good pictures right now.
Expect them soon, I'd guess.

Klaus is painting secret miniatures that aren't released yet, as he does most of the time but they will hit us very soon too. I just love his latest paintjob and I am just as excited as you are for the pictures!

I am assembling and weathering a steam locomotive as birthday gift for my father, but studies keep me busy and sleepless. Now that I have my compressor I don't really find the time to use it..strange world.

So this episode is rather short, BUT I can promise you some big ones for the future. Two great artists will write guest articles as soon as they find time between their own commissions. I guess in June or July we'll feature Arsies and Den of Imagination Painting Studio and I am very very happy about this!

Have a nice week my friends, I really hope to write more again soon.

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