Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Time to leave Dresden, Hitting the Road today...

Dear readers,
the next weeks might be a quiet time, as I am traveling to Berlin for the next two weeks.

Two weeks full of color, creativity, great people and distance from everything I dont want to see anymore.
I really love my city, all the places full of memories, my friends and my flat. No other place I want to live, but sometimes you have to pack your things and leave for a while.
During the last weeks I felt strange here, the days seemed to pass without anything to happen, the taste of home was like a fading memory.

Whenever I start to feel this way, I leave.

There will be much and more to be told when I am back, some projects will be finished, for I take them with me, and I am sure there will be many unforgetable moments.

I wish everyone a nice time, enjoy the summer, paint and meet the people you hold dear, or just hit the road like me. Whatever, have fun.

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  1. nice, will be joining you in 3 days, really looking forward for the nerdcamp week