Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar...impressions of the GAU Nerdcamp 2012 - Part two

As promised, some more impressions of our great time in Berlin.

Over 30 walls were built from plasticard, additional details were added (screens, panels, tubes) and then everything was airbrushed.
There were also doors, which can be opened and closed.

Assembling 30 walls...

spraying 30 walls...

priming 30 walls...

...nice looking!

The LEDs and cables ready to be glued in place

Airbrush-squad ready to strike...

The near park was perfect to plan the next steps, get away from thinner polluted air and enjoy the rare moments of sunshine.

Different shades and details, such as logos and stripes were sprayed.

We produced tons of color-dust.

First check with the lights...

...and just a sample shot of our gaming table.

Well, there is still a lot of work to do, most details and a few more terrain pieces, but we have a nice and great looking base to work on further.

It was a great time, full of ideas, great conversations and colors...if you ever have the chance to spent a few days with such a project, do it, it's wort all the lack of sleep and sanity.

We also experienced the quick influence of Diablo 3, which changes a worker into something zombie-like that won't touch anything but his laptop and fresh meat ;)

The weekend will be quiet here at my blog, for I celebrate my birthday and swore not to touch anything thinner or glue related until Sunday...three days with tamyia color filling the air took their price from my lungs. Next investment will be a better gas mask.

Expect some new tutorials soon, related to scratch-building and building a gaming table...this time it will be mine :)

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