Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Painting with red wine

A few days ago I talked to another student of architecture, and she told me she painted her last presentation pictures with red wine...nothing new I thought, I always keep a glass close to  hand when painting.
While she told more and more, I realized she was actually talking about using the wine as PAINT.
I had to try this, so I took some water color paper, a bottle castillo varez, some old brushes and a few water colors.

As always I started with one of my loved test cards :

I tried some different methods to apply the wine, undiluted, diluted, one layer, two and more layers, on wet paper, on dry paper, soft blendings, harsh borders ´between two layers...
I realized how much I had forgotten, my last water color paintings where back in 2010 I think, presentation pictures for studies :)

Then I started to mix the wine with different watercolors, diluted them with wine, with water, some more testing. Nothing special, but lots of fun!

I almost forgot to mention: Brushlicking rocks while using wine instead of color ;)
I think I'll try some more during the next days, water colors are fun.
Have a nice day everyone !

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  1. Schon mal gesehen, was Udo Lindenberg mit Likör anstellt? Beim "Likörell" hat man eine größere Farbpalette und das Probeschlückchen zwischendurch funzt mehr ;)