Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Life gets yellow...

Time to post again, real life kept me busy for some days.
Some people want their birthday presents, some want to be challenged and defeated at little painting competitions :) (Greets Zaphod)

Let's begin with our first load of yellow:

The deadline changed to end of may, the rest remains.
The task is easy, take some space marine, paint him yellow to represent the noble chapter of the Imperial Fists, laugh about Zaphods little accidents (we hang around in the same chatroom from time to time).
Sounds like fun?
Hell, it is!

While checking my old artbooks, I realized that I don't want another clean hero marine.
Back in the old days, you could ask yourself for hours, whether that guy on the picture was "good" or "evil".
The iconography wasn't as clear as today and everything was somehow dirtier, more freakish and very sick.
To safe humankind, everyone seemed to trade their humanity, which was a damn cool paradox and a point to think about again and again.
Where all those soldiers, priests and genetic super warriors still humans, and if not, how could they kill for humanity?
I think this questions were my reason to love the universe of Warhammer 40K.

My aim is a miniature, that looks like a John Blanche Painting ( I love his work) and forces the viewer to ask himself: Is that guy good or evil?
There is little time left, so there will be compromises but that's ok, as the whole thing is some sort of fun project and born from stupid tired chatting.

A few of my inspirations:

And my first steps on a long road of converting....

Second yellow thing at my workbench...
a sunflower, never fading and eternal.
I used XOR-Crystal Polyester Resin, but had a few little accidents that didn:t happen in the past.
The damn stuff started to boil and crack, but no reason to be unhappy, now this thing is really unique.

Still needs some polishing, but I think the new owner will be very happy and the effort worth it.

Read you soon and have a nice day.


  1. Hallo,

    keine Ahnung ob du das schon kennst, aber Jakob Rune Nielsen's Blog ist voll von Blanche-artigen Kreaturen-einfach phantastisch!


  2. Danke für den Tipp, ich verfolge die Seite schon ne Weile, wirklich tolles Zeug.
    Werd ich mal in die Liste der lesenswerten Seiten reinsetzen.