Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Painting class wirh Derwish - my impressions

Good morning everyone!

Today I'll show you some pictures of an epic weekend, that took place in Hamburg. I visited a painting class with Stephan Rath aka Derwish and came back full with inspiration, new skills and happiness...
This won't be a typical review, more a compilation of impressions I had.

Every participant gets a bag full with all the stuff you need for the class., including the miniature, some stuff to prepare the mini, an awesome miniature holder, handmade by Derwish himself, banners...

Stephans way of painting is very clean and connected to many thoughts, like the physical charakteristics of pigments, areas best painted first and so on.
And so the class starts with an introduction to all this things.
First painting is done at the most tricky area, the face.
I arrived tired and powerless in Hamburg, and then painting EYES yeahaa.
BUT I sure had my fun and when he head nice eyes after my fifth attempt I was so flashed I forgot how tired I was :)
Nothing more motivating then success on tasks you never thought you could deal with.

Saturday was the miniature day, we painted all day and went through things like skin, clothing, NMM.
At the end of the day, my Mini looked like this:

Sunday it was freehand and banner time....
We learned how to chose our motive, how to transfer it to our banner and how to color it.

Pictures of the colored version will appear soon :)
To end this post, a few pictures of the most important part of every workshop, the people who share your time and the rooms you paint in :)

Now my tea is ready, my breakfast awaits me and afterwards more work on my Spacewolves!
Have a nice day and read you soon.

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