Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Back to the battlefields

I hear the sound of dying loyalists...
After a rather screwed up return to the hobby in 2014 I decided (or was decided by a friend) to let all pressure fall and concentrate on something I somehow lost...joy in painting.

So pause to all commissions, turn off the cellphone and paint something no one cares if failing hard. I spent the last week mainly in our local store, finding back to the roots with my boss and working on my own army, which had gathered dust for the last months. Nurgle is probably the best way to let manic perfectionism go and just do it without thinking to much. I like the results, thinking that my last finished unit was painted back in...uhhhmmm...I  really don't know when I finished the last one. And this was an either big one too.

The main reason for me to start a chaos army was the ability to field twenty servo armored crazed maniacs at once. 
The boys are made of parts from the whole range (and some external bits as well).
Even the giant is impressed! 
Not that any enemy would see them running away from him..but anyways.
The bases are still in progress, I think that everything will come together quiet nice. Only thing I wanted was to have fun again, and I definitely had! I lost the fear to paint from heart again and now I feel ready to tackle the open commissions, the color gets stronger again in this one.

And today the muse stroke again and after finishing them so far I decided to have a go on the next unit and finish basing for the whole army in the end. So these little fellas were started and finished today, raising my score of unit painting up to two...not bad after at least 5 years without any!

I tried to vary the colors, all are coated with the same brown and purple for the shadows. 
Airbrush and a little cheating with GW Glazes/ Washes and AK Wash provide fast growing hordes of Plague Kin!
The two were painted alike, only the light color and its highlight are different colors over the basic work.
So what did I learn from them? 

First: Forget about painting an army in your normal manner, if you are showcase painter...I guess Georc will remain the only one I know to reach this goal. But he ate patience with full spoons I guess, something I definitely missed in the past.

Second: Sometimes its better to just lay it down instead of forcing it. I guess I would have continued trying desperately to achieve some nice results in my running projects without getting a single step further. This was a very nice change and gave me the pause I needed.

Third: I have to finish those beauties and kill some loyal Marines with them rather sooner than later!

The graphic card still is dying so the videos will have to wait a while longer...but these guys inspired me to start a new series when the new arrives and our running wips will be finished. All about speedpainting gaming stuff that doesn't run on tracks!

Have a nice day everyone!

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