Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

A visit to the Pokemon Center Tokyo

First post in a new Year!
I arrived from Tokyo yesterday, after 36 hours of travel and waiting on airports. In Japan, they have the year of the horse now, and I also was born in a horse year...so I guess 2014 will be mine to take. Big plans for the (T)Raumschmiede spin through my brain and Japan had a massive impact on my inspirational ressources. I promissed to show you some impressions...well, now I sit here, loading everything on my pc.

Thousands of pictures, 490! video clips...first massive thing this year will be the editing. We went to the nerd centers, shopped in the craziest stores, blamed us in the gaming halls and went to some cultural events, like the visit of the Imperial Palace, that only opens twice a year. Right now my friend and I plan the videos and reports and this will be a nice video series! It's not all about miniatures, but it's definitely worth a look!

Today I want to show you some impressions of the Pokemon Center Tokyo, a store many will find interesting I guess, because many of us jumped on the hype when these little monsters entered our hearts!

A childhood dream coming true...

High grass isn't the only dangerous terrain...
My hero...in person!  Sadly he wasn't for sale, I'd taken any dept to own this baby.

The only TRUE starting Pokemon!
What the hell is this froggy thing and where is Shiggy??

You captured Mewtwo!
There are also videos in the processing...with original 8 bit arena music! I love this store!

Read you soon my friends!

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