Samstag, 2. November 2013

Part two of our bastion video and insprational link collection!

Hello my friends!
While old daddy nurgle still holds me in his fangs, my voice is returning slow but steady. So I was able to record the audios for the second part of the bastion video. Expect part three (the final one) tomorrow.

1.) Kings of war week on Beasts of War
The guys over at Beasts of War are having a theme week. They are talking about the background of Mantic's Kings of War, unpack some Boxes, talk over the factions and even show us a test game! I just recently discovered their channel and I am really flashed. When not having theme weeks, they are producing battle reports, reviews and tutorials. There are loads of content to discover!

Kings of War is around for a while now and I really like the direction they are going. I used some of their models my self, their zombie and ghoul boxes are the core forces of my nurgle plague zombie army! I saw they even produce a zombylypse box now that will fit perfect in!

I embedded one of their videos so you can have a look! All credits to them!

Hear something about the background stories and follow their channel!

2. Terran Scapes Youtube channel
The second channel I'd like to introduce to you is terran scapes. I am in love with it right now!

As I lay sick the best part of the last two weeks, I had plenty of time to watch their videos. Terran Scape is a shop/company producing very high quality terrain. He shows his progress and reviews to let you exactly know what you'll get for your money, you can purchase painted or unpainted terrain, even whole gaming boards! He also has very nice tutorials, for example the using and effects of different kinds of model water I never heard of before! Give him a look!

His work inspired me to start some terrain again myself! I work on my city fight project again and build a fantasy stronghold manner right now! His voice is very comfortable and he has a cool way to explain everything. I really like his work.

thanks to this channel, I am rolling again :)
Have a good time watching all this stuff my friends and stay tuned for more to come!

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