Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Ebay Reminder!

Hello my friends. Todays post is kind of advertisement and asking for your help!

This week we have something on sale again! Find the Predator, the limited dark angels codex and a set of mines of moria here on EBAY .

As some of you may have seen, we launched three new videos this week! And more are in the making.
The camera equipment, reference books, new colors..last weeks were pretty expensive here at the studio.
So what does this dreamer want you may ask...his problem if the hobby is expensive...and you are right!

I don't ask you to buy stuff you don't need, but it would be awesome if you could share the word, so maybe someone who actually wants that stuff finds it! Running a blog, studying architecture and having two jobs to pay for it is really hard sometimes and as the rents and everything gets more and more expensive here in Dresden, thoughts how long this will work are daily nightmares.

I love this blog, I love getting these 90+ pictures step by steps out to you and soon video tutorials. The last years were amazing and I never expected this to grow so large. Please help us keeping the work up by spreading the word, showing us to your friends. So we can dream together for the next two years!


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